60%, 7 degrees, 3.7 lbs

Moment is my first foray into custom keyboard design.

It features a smooth, flowing side profile along with uniquely-tapered chamfers visible from a top-down angle. A contrasting bottom weight compliments the rear of the board with engraved designs, while providing extra heft to give the board a premium feel.

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F13 TKL, 6.4 DEGREES, 6.5 lbs

Cloudline is an F13 TKL designed in collaboration with my partner Shannie, who suggested the theme as well as contributed some of the illustrations engraved on the board.

Featuring a uniquely-elegant yet stunningly simple side profile akin to the silver lining of a cloud, Cloudline's details are deeply considered and thought out. A polished stainless steel internal frame is lasered with elaborate engravings of an endless sky above.

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60%, 6.4 DEGREES, 2.7 lbs

Derivative is a 60% layout custom board, its name referencing the combination of design cues from my prior designs.

Its side profile flaunts a distinct combination of curves in just the right proportions, while the face of the board features a beautifully unique convex Cherry front lip that gives the board a subtle yet stylish flair. The plate design allows for three different methods of mounting, providing varying degrees of typing feel.

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Play Tray


Designed by JJW & Shannie, PLAY TRAY is a desktop rendition of the ingenious ball-on-a-track toy that cats seem to love. 

This version is milled from a solid block of 6063 Aluminum and sized perfectly for your desk setup. The tray features a magnetized central section where you can store various bits and bobs, as well as a cute cat engraving by Shannie (@shannie.hoa). Of course, a 14mm steel bearing is included for those who want to use Play Tray as a mischievous fidgeting desk toy.

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Play Tray V2

2024 update of the original Play Tray, featuring several key changes that seek to improve both upon the aesthetic and functionality of the original. Softer design, dual trays, stowaway cover, stackable - what's not to love?

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An idea in development.

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