Play Tray

Play Tray

The largest inspiration for this small desktop accessory comes from the well-known cat toy, featuring a ball orbiting a circular track. Dialed down to a more portable size, as well as being machined from premium materials, Play Tray is the desktop rendition of the toy you never knew you needed. As a functional bonus, the magnetized central section of the tray is designed to hold small bits and bobs for everyday storage while also featuring a cunningly cute cat engraving from Shannie.

This tray hopes to be just a little heftier, a little cuter, and a little more fun.

  • Material: Aluminum 6063 Tray, 14mm
  • Outer Diameter: 96mm, Inner Diameter: 50mm
  • Custom ring-feet
  • N52 Neodymium Magnetized central tray
  • 14mm SS304 ball bearing

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  • Inspired by feline friends

    The cute laser engraving by Shannie (@shannie.hoa) is laser-engraved and infilled with a gloss enamel finish, resulting in a smooth reflective effect.

  • Putting the fun in function

    Play Tray's interactive ball-on-a-track concept is hard to resist, even for the most resilient fidgeter.

  • Concentric features

    A powerful N52 magnet concealed beneath the tray allows for more secure screws and metal parts. A custom-cut silicone ring runs along the perimeter for a non-slip surface.

  • Colors for everyone

    Play Tray is available in several versatile colors, from the daintiest pink to a dark and resolute gray.