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[Group Buy] Play Tray

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Designed by JJW & Shannie, PLAY TRAY is a desktop rendition of the ingenious ball-on-a-track toy that cats seem to love. This version is milled from a solid block of 6063 Aluminum and sized perfectly for your desk setup.

The tray features a magnetized central section where you can store various bits and bobs, as well as a curiously cute cat engraving by Shannie (@shannie.hoa). Of course, a 14mm steel bearing is included for those who want to use Play Tray as a mischievous fidgeting desk toy.

If you'd like to pick up some extra balls, 14mm steel bearings should work handily. Though it's offered as an option here, it may be more efficient to buy in bulk elsewhere if you're looking to buy more than just a few :)

Group buy window is open from June 1st - June 14th, 2022. Estimated shipping time is late Q3 2022 - early Q4 2022.


  • Play Tray (6063 Aluminum, Anodized)
  • Custom ring feet
  • 14mm steel bearing (one included)
  • 20mm * 3mm N52 neodymium magnet
  • Inner tray diameter: 50mm, Outer diameter: 96mm, Height: 17mm
  • Weight (tray only): ~200g / ~7oz
  • Custom packaging

Note: While renders aim to provide an accurate interpretation of the color reference codes, the manual anodization process may yield varying results.

The color references we will be passing to production are:

  • Soft Pink - PANTONE 502 C
  • Barely Blue - PANTONE 290 C
  • Lush Green - PANTONE 5507 C
  • Orange Cream - PANTONE 474 C
  • Soulless Grey - PANTONE 432 C
  • Even More Soulless Grey (no engraving) - PANTONE 432 C 

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Group Buy Disclaimer

By purchasing this item, you acknowledge that you are purchasing a GROUP BUY spot. The products are made-to-order, and will be shipping after manufacturing completes. A generous estimated timeframe for fulfillment is between late Q3 - early Q4 of 2022. Group buys can face unexpected setbacks and delays that are out of our control. Cancellations & refunds are not permitted.


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Quality Control Disclaimer

For A stock products, there shall be no visible markings on external anodized surfaces after the keyboard has been built. Due to the nature of mirror-polished stainless steel, weights will be inspected to the best of our ability. There may be minor, unavoidable hairline / micro scratches and markings on the mirror finish. Regardless, these markings will inevitably be picked up naturally with day-to-day use.