Project Updates



Gradient R0

  • 65% keyboard with a novel take on straight lines and negative space. In-stock sale expected in July 2024.


  • Beautifully-machined cardholder that will go anywhere you go. Currently in limited early access testing.

    In Progress

    Play Tray V2

    • A newly-designed rendition of the beloved Play Tray, with a more refined aesthetic and improved functionality. Group buy will open on May 18th, and run for two weeks or until capacity is reached. Please see the product page for more information.


          Derivative R1
          • 11/15/2023: All group-buy orders have shipped. Project fulfilled. For non-JJWKB orders, follow along with your individual vendors on Derivative R1 updates.
          • 11/09/2023: Keyboards received in the US for fulfillment by JJW. 
          • 9/30/2023: Keyboards have completed. Keyboards now shipping from manufacturer to vendors. Follow with your vendors for individual updates.
          • 8/13/2023: All colors matched and anodizing. PCBs are shipping. 
          • 7/13/2023: Keyboards have started anodizing. PCBs in QC.
          • 7/04/2023: Keyboards have completed machining.
          • 5/24/2023: Keyboards have started machining.
          • 5/01/2023: All vendor numbers have been tallied, and manufacturer orders have been submitted. In manufacturing queue.
          • 4/10/2023: Group buy is now closed - thank you for your interest and support. Order modifications will no longer be accepted at this point. Numbers will now be crunched and orders will be placed. For real-time updates, feel free to join the Discord server.
          • 3/26/2023: All allocated units for the US have been sold through. Derivative R1 is no longer available from Please see our regional vendors to purchase a keyboard kit. Email requests for order modifications will remain open until April 10th.
          • 3/25/2023: Group buy is now live at and all participating vendors. Group buy will run until units are either sold through or end date (April 10th) is reached.
          • 3/4/2023: Group buy is scheduled to open on March 25th 9 AM PT - April 10th.
          • 2/10/2023: Latest protos have been satisfactory - preparing for group buy, estimated late March 2023.
          • 12/07/2022: Redesign and prototyping. GB estimated Q1 2023.
          • 08/05/2022: Avoiding overloading vendor calendars, will be planning for a group buy some time after MOMENT. 
          • ...

            Moment R1

            • 10/16/2022: Group buy window closed. This project is not fulfilled by JJWKB, so updates will no longer be provided on Follow along with your respective vendors for more information.
            • 10/01/2022: Group buy is open at various vendors worldwide!
            • 09/14/2022: We're anticipating group buy will be open from October 1st to October 16th via larger keyboard vendors. There are regional vendors assigned with specific unit counts. See Geekhack thread / Discord for more detailed information if needed.
            • 08/05/2022: Issues have been ironed out, and an excellent pre-production prototype has been delivered. We're awaiting a few more to really decide on our supplier, but have a fairly decent estimate of September/October 2022 to begin group buy.
            • 06/29/2022: Recent round of new supplier's prototypes weren't quite adequate for production. Still working on it...
            • ...

              Play Tray

              • Play Tray group buy is concluded. Stay updated on Discord / Instagram for restock information.
              • 4/11/2023: Delayed Pink Play Tray orders have all been shipped. 
              • 2/1/2023: All unaffected orders have been shipped. A handful of orders containing pink trays are currently pending manufacturer replacements before shipping. If your order is affected and you would prefer to receive a B-stock tray and partial discount, please contact JJWKB for any questions, requests, or concerns.
              • 1/31/2023: Shipping now for the majority of orders. A parcel of pink trays from the manufacturer has run into unexpected delay. As a result, some orders containing pink trays may take extra time to ship. If your order is affected, consider opting for a discounted B-stock pink tray / requesting a color swap by responding to your order confirmation email. 
              • 1/4/2023: US container ship has docked in California, shipping to begin soon.
              • 11/17/2022: They've shipped from the manufacturer to vendors and we're now waiting for them to arrive over the ocean. We may be running a bit behind on our estimated delivery timeframe, depending on when they arrive.
              • 10/16/2022: Unfortunately, manufacturer has updated with a new estimated shipping date of early November. Given this estimate is accurate, we may be able to begin delivering to buyers in December.
              • 09/21/2022: Magnets, bearings, custom feet, and misc. parts have completed manufacturing and have all been aggregated for shipping. We're mostly just waiting on the trays to complete the finishing process (anodization and engravings). Though we had ordered and approved a good number of pre-production sample units, unforeseen inconsistencies in the laser engraving process surfaced in full-scale production. In order to provide greater consistency for the final units, we've decided to include a gloss enamel infill on all engravings at no extra charge. Enamel infill will be matched to darker PANTONE codes corresponding to the tray's color, to ensure intended visibility from all angles. Per manufacturer estimates, we're aiming to get these shipped to our vendors by mid-October.
              • 09/14/2022: Sorting out some anodization discrepancies with the manufacturer. Most parts are ready for shipping. Manufacturer estimates these may ship to vendors within the next month.
              • 07/07/2022: Quantities have been tallied, and order has been placed with the supplier. Manufacturing has started.
              • 06/14/2022: Group buy window concluded.
              • 06/01/2022: Group buy window opens.


                • This project is not being fulfilled by the designer; please see your respective vendor page for updates.

                  Moment R0 (Limited Run)

                  • Raffle concluded 07/05/2021 - 50 spots. All group buy boards have been delivered. Extras all delivered.

                    Derivative R0 (Limited Run)

                    • Limited in-stock sale concluded 12/11/2021 - 25 boards produced. All boards delivered.