Play Tray V2

Play Tray V2

The latest iteration of Play Tray is here, seeking to build upon both the aesthetics and functionality of the former. A bit of background: Play Tray V2 is a desktop novelty toy machined from two blocks of solid 6063 Aluminum, minimizing the deceptively simple ball-on-a-track cat toy down to a fun-sized screw tray. There's a bunch of ways to fidget with the steel bearing and the circular aluminum track, but we'll let you figure that out on your own.

How could the Play Tray V2 differ from the original design? Let's go over some of the changes.

Design aesthetic: While the first version has a combination of circular elements as well as sharp, angular edges and chamfers, Play Tray V2 attempts an overall more coherent design. Large, soft fillets. Subtle, gentle slopes. A friendly and 'plump' kettlebell side profile.


Functionality: Play Tray V2 doubles the functionality by splitting into two separate trays. While this feature can be conveniently used to separate different screw types, the magnetized miniature tray also serves as a snug cover for the main compartment. Ever been too lazy to clean up small parts, only to leave them sitting in the tray for days? Allow V2 to enable this habit by covering up those stray screws! In addition, Play Tray V2 is now designed to be securely stackable. Why didn't we think of this earlier?

Options: Play Tray V2 provides options for a wider array of setups. Want something cute? We've got a brand-new engraving option for three of the color options, featuring a soft sleeping cat engraving nestled inside the inner tray (under the cover). Want something sleek and clean? We're now offering multiple color options without any engravings.