This is a keyboard designed with invaluable support from my partner Shannie, who helped contribute ideas to the theme of the board, as well as illustrations of clouds and birds for the engravings.

Almost everything about the Cloudline's physical design adheres closely to the overarching theme - from the side-profile structure to the illustrations, every tiny detail has been meticulously considered. The inspiration for this keyboard's unique side-profile comes from the 'silver lining' at the edge of a cloud, while the various engravings throughout extend beyond the clouds to explore other closely-related themes.

  • Layout: F13 TKL (Full / WKL)
  • Mount: Relief top-mount / O-ring Gasket Mount
  • Materials: Aluminum 6063, Stainless Steel, Brass
  • Weight: 3.0kg / 6.60 lbs
  • Typing Angle: 6.4 degrees
  • Front Height: 17.9mm (22.4mm EKH)
  • Stunningly simple

    Cloudline brings a stunningly simple yet unique side-profile, reminiscent of the silver lining on a cloud's edge. The contrasting anodized silver bottom case is the base of this keyboard's inspiration.

  • Beautifully-detailed internal frame

    An internal frame is finished in finely-detailed laser engravings of clouds and beyond. The frame serves to tidy up the JST cable routing while adding a bit of flare under the hood.

  • Consistent theming throughout every detail

    Cloudline's large brass weight extends throughout the bottom case, featuring a consistently-themed weight engraving.

  • Modernized classic layout

    Cloudline features the F13 TKL layout - a modern twist on the classic tenkeyless layout, opting for an additional key in the F-row.