March 2024

Greetings everyone - we made it to Spring 2024! Very excited to share that we have big plans for product releases for the rest of the year. It's been a quiet Q1, but that's not to say things are slowing down... just a result of less-than-stellar planning (just for new releases though - everything that's been ordered has been fulfilled!). 

Let's get to the good stuff.

Play Tray V2

Play Tray V2 is first in line, planned for group buy in early May of 2024. Several key improvements in the design that I'm very excited about - hopefully you are too! New color options, new features, and new cute cat engraving. Take a look and read more about the changes on the design page.

Gradient R0

Gradient R0, the first 65% keyboard release at JJW KB. Offered only in a symmetrical WKL layout, this limited drop will be available as an in-stock sale in Q2 - Q3 of this year. 


Coord was namedropped in last month's post, as well as mentioned here and there in our Discord server. It's a sleek, machined aluminum cardholder that has a few nifty features to boot. There will be an early-access preliminary run to evaluate the design functionality before greenlighting an in-stock production order. For more information, join the server!

More to come...

While I can't get into too many details here, there are plans later this year for a new TKL release that I'm especially excited about. In addition, there is an FRL-TKL in the pipeline, as well as a 60/XT that may be available in-stock (tbd).

We will mostly be unavailable during the month of April.

Thank you everyone - your interest & support are invaluable!

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