Whenever I sit down and begin a new design, I always look to incorporate at least one distinct feature that gives the keyboard a sense of identity. One of the biggest challenges in keyboard design for me is creating something that is fresh and different, while keeping design cues intentional and avoiding overbearing complexity.

Derivative features a sleek and multi-faceted side profile with contrasting curves mirroring one another. The front of the board sports a sweeping front lip that bows gently outwards towards the center. It gives Derivative a defining feature visible from a working angle, while reducing the front height of the board for improved comfort.

  • Layout: 60% (Full / WKL / HHKB)
  • Mount: Relief top mount / Top mount / O-ring Gasket Mount
  • Materials: Aluminum 6063, Stainless Steel / Brass
  • Weight: 1.2kg / 2.70 lbs
  • Typing Angle: 6.5 degrees
  • Front Height: varies (22.4mm EKH)
  • Complex, sleek side-profile

    Further complicating the tried-and-true shelf profile, two opposing curves mirror one another to create a profile with depth. Chamfers on the top edge bring in highlights while shadows beneath work together to form a striking design.

  • Convex front lip

    The characteristic front lip gently bows outwards towards the middle, giving it a distinct and modern look that is unmistakably Derivative. As a secondary benefit, the lip becomes more pronounced where your hands hover in typical use.

  • Two-piece weight design

    The two-piece weight design offers an eye-catching contrast in material and finish, featuring the mathematical symbol for a partial derivative.

  • Plate gymnastics

    Derivative's plate design allows for three different mounting methods, while retaining a neat and organized layout.