Cloudline Assembly

Cloudline Assembly

Brief document with tips for assembling the Cloudline TKL. JJWKB and vendors are not responsible for any damage to the weight, frame, or keyboard case during assembly or disassembly, so please be careful! Read this page thoroughly for some general pointers on assembly and disassembly.

Apply adhesive feet to the bottom of the keyboard.

Remove the 8 case screws and disassemble the top case.

Carefully remove the 4 countersunk screws fixed to the weight.

Note the red line in the diagram - you can use this edge to 'pivot' the weight while removing it.

While holding down the 'pivot' edge of the weight in the previous step, you can push weight from the bottom to lift up the north edge of the weight. Keeping pressure on the pivot edge is important to ensure the weight doesn't slip out of place and damage the frame.

Lift the weight up while keeping light pressure on the 'pivot' edge to ensure the weight does not slip out and damage the case / frame. 

When there is enough clearance to do so, you can remove the weight entirely.

Following the same method as the brass weight, remove the frame by using the bottom edge (highlighted in red in the diagram) as a 'pivot' to lift the frame out carefully.

You can use the circled section to lift the frame out of the case. Once there's enough clearance, lift the entire frame out of the case.

Install the daughterboard using the included M2 screws.

Route the JST cable as depicted by the red line in the above diagram.

To re-install the steel frame, reverse the removal steps - align the bottom edge in the case, then use the bottom edge as a 'pivot' to lower the north edge of the frame carefully down into the case. Keep a light pressure on the pivot edge to make sure that it doesn't slip out!

Guide the JST cable and ensure the cable sits entirely within the channel, as shown above. Ensure the looped end (near the daughterboard) of the cable takes up as little space as possible. Check to see that the frame is sitting flat without interference - failure to do so can result in damage to the JST cable and frame.

To re-install the brass weight, very carefully repeat the same process used to re-install the frame. Align the bottom edge of the brass weight to the steel frame, and use it as a 'pivot' to slowly lower the brass weight into place. Keep a light pressure on the pivot edge to make sure that it doesn't slip out!

Lower the weight into place and install the 4 countersunk M3 screws to fix the weight into place.

Usual process for the rest of the board - install switches and stabilizers into the plate, solder if necessary, and mount as desired.

To connect the JST cable to the PCB, hold the build above the case as pictured to minimize the distance between the two. Connect the JST cable, careful to not drop the top case.

Install case screws.