October 2023

Happy end-of-October everyone. Here's a monthly update for ongoing, upcoming, and past projects. 

Current Designs & Projects

  • Derivative R1: HUGE update for Derivative R1. Firstly, for our buyers directly from JJWKB.com - boards have completed manufacturing and have shipped overseas via ocean freight to the US. As of October 30th, cargo has already docked in California! The next steps are for our freight forwarder to clear customs and make final delivery to JJWKB, where the boards will undergo QC and packing. Given things proceed smoothly, I expect fulfillment to begin in November, with extras following shortly after. For a worldwide update, I've just gotten hold of news that Swagkeys (KR) has started shipping out Derivative R1! I've been in close discussion with Swagkeys about the QC process and how the keyboard has turned out, and I can only say it's definitely exciting stuff - I can't wait to see what you guys think.
  • Moment R1: While this run of Moment was not fulfilled directly by JJWKB.com, I'm happy to report that many of the regional vendors have started / completed fulfillment of these keyboards. User-shared photos have been nothing short of awesome, keep them coming! For any issues with your delivery, please reach out to your local vendor - I am unable to handle any replacements or resolve fulfillment issues for this project.

Upcoming Designs & Projects

  • Gradient R0: (per last post...) This will be an in-stock limited release of a new 65% keyboard design. Features a novel design with a focus on imbalance of elements, negative space, and straight lines. Quite the polar opposite from previous keyboard designs from JJWKB. Dual mounting methods provide two very distinct sound and feel profiles. In previous cases of multi-mount case designs, I've found that I easily prefer one mount over the others - however I genuinely am pleased with both options here. ETA Q4 2023 - Q1 2024.
  • Play Tray V2: An early rendition of this design has been prototyped.
  • [TBD]: A non-keyboard-related accessory
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