May 2024

May 2024

Having returned from a month-long hiatus in April, I can say that we've got a lot of stuff coming up - especially noteworthy considering how quiet the earlier half of 2024 has been. Ideally I'd like to space things out better in the future so that we can have consistent flow of new ideas and products to share year-round.

Apologies for all who have been waiting for orders to ship in the past month, all should be taken care of now!

Onto project updates.

Play Tray V2

Big news for those following Play Tray V2! After several revisions and back-and-forth with manufacturing, we're now close enough to be able to confirm finalized group buy pricing and date. Play Tray V2 will be available for group buy purchase beginning next Saturday, May 18th, 2024. Sale will run for two weeks until June 1st, where we'll tally up the numbers and submit for manufacturing! 

For more information, feel free to check out the product page (will show as out of stock until we open on May 18th). 

Gradient R0

Some delays in carrying case & PCB manufacturing will delay the sale of Gradient R0. I'm hoping for these to finish up to be ready for an in-stock sale in late June to July.


Coord, my slim aluminum cardholder, is progressing nicely. I've just received the early access units that will be going out to a small number of select testers. Simply put, I'm both anxious and excited to hear feedback for this design!


Though I'm not specifically giving this project a public name yet, I'll say that I'm incredibly excited to share this one later on. Prototypes are on the way. I am possibly expecting a large in-stock sale later this year directly from JJW KB.

On other topics, we're testing a 60% design offered by another vendor, and doing prototyping on the new plateless FRL TKL mounting.

Consider joining the Discord server to follow each project in detail!



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