jjw play tray v2 lid for keyboard screws

February 2024

Hello - I hope everyone has had a happy new year. It's been a while since I've had the downtime to spin together an update that felt meaningful and intentional. Let's do some catching up.

Derivative R1

Our last update in October 2023 had keyed Derivative R1 buyers in to the upcoming fulfillment - that was quite the experience, and a great one at that. While I posted detailed updates in our Discord channel, the messages were too short and spaced out to be of any use formally posting to a blog. Feel free to join the server for similar fragmented (but frequent) updates in the future.

To summarize...

  • November 9th: We received the shipment of keyboards and parts in California.
  • November 12th: All keyboards have been QC'd individually.
  • November 15th: Nearly 300 kits, or over 99% of group buy orders have shipped. All remaining orders were intentionally held at buyer's request or shipping complications.

Overall, things went quite smoothly for the US fulfillment of Derivative R1. It's been a fantastic experience, and being so involved with the process of fulfillment has been, for lack of a better word, fulfilling. I want to express my sincere gratitude for your continued support and interest. Your trust has been the most important factor backing everything at JJWKB, and I'm truly thankful to have the opportunity to create beautiful things for your desks.

Play Tray V2

A newly-redesigned iteration on the Play Tray has been submitted for manufacturing and testing. It features a refined aesthetic with more cohesive design elements, as well as what I feel is improved functionality. I expect to share more details on this upcoming product in the next few weeks. 

Gradient R0

The first new keyboard project announcement since Derivative R1 is one that I'm very proud of. Gradient is a 65% keyboard from JJW, and what I'd consider an aesthetic departure from my previous designs. A more detailed post will follow in the coming weeks. In the pipelines is a 50-unit limited in-stock sale for Gradient R0 (round 0); ETA Q2 2024.


Another first - the COORD, shorthand for COORDINATE, is an ultra-sleek aluminum cardholder with an utmost priority on aesthetics. As my first step outside of desk accessories and keyboards, COORD is a project that aims to match the essence of my other designs - a daily-use item created in premium materials and finishes to stand out. A limited early access test run will be taking place in the next month or two; after evaluation the design might proceed to a full scale production run. If this idea intrigues you, feel free to head over to the Discord server.


I can't wait to share more - it's taking a lot of willpower to hold back from posting the renders, photos, and details for each of these projects. 



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