August 2023

August 2023

First site update post! There have been dozens of updates on various projects from JJW KB over the past few months via Discord and Instagram, but email updates have been a bit less straightforward to set up. Starting now, we should be able to push out at least one or more updates per month via the website (and hopefully also through email). 

Current Designs & Projects

  • Derivative R1: The keyboards are well into the anodizing phase, which is the last major manufacturing process before QC and assembly. The estimate for completion is ~1 month from now, where boards will begin shipping to vendors for vendor QC and fulfillment.
  • Moment R1: Though this project isn't being fulfilled directly by JJW KB, I have been notified that boards have shipped from the manufacturer and (should) be on their way to vendors. QC and fulfillment will follow shortly after. More detailed information may be available from your regional vendors.
  • Play Tray: This design seemed to garner a lot more interest and demand than initially anticipated, so we recently restocked this item on our store. Unfortunately it seems we didn't order enough, as it sold through in ~24 hours! This design is still available in-stock from some of our other regional vendors. There are no immediate plans to restock this item for the US store.

Upcoming Designs & Projects

  • Gradient R0: This will be an in-stock limited release of a new 65% keyboard design. Features a novel design with a focus on imbalance of elements, negative space, and straight lines. Quite the polar opposite from previous keyboard designs from JJWKB. Dual mounting methods provide two very distinct sound and feel profiles. In previous cases of multi-mount case designs, I've found that I easily prefer one mount over the others - however I genuinely am pleased with both options here. ETA Q4 2023 - Q1 2024.

Thanks for reading. If you have any questions or would like to get in touch, feel free to send an email over, or drop in the Discord server. I will try to get out a post on the first Saturday of every month when applicable.

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