When it comes to keyboards, I feel it's all too often I hear the phrase "there are only so many ways to design a rectangle". While I do believe that there are some elements that cannot be broken down or avoided in a functional keyboard design, I also feel that there are near countless shapes, curves, angles, and features that have yet to be explored in this medium.

In contrast, it's actually not too difficult to create a unique case, if the goal is simply to be unique. Several projects I've started have been scrapped, as they either felt like 'lost' combinations of curves and fillets for the sole purpose of being unique, or turned out to be easily-recognizable combinations of classic elements - for the latter, it didn't feel like my design (of course, inspiration is always a beautiful thing when used tastefully). Keyboard design, to me, is an ongoing challenge to discover those simple, clean, atomic elements - to find the new Jane backplate, to find the new HG chamfer, to find the new Koala curve, to find the first something that serves as inspiration for the next something.

As a designer in the keyboard space, I am motivated to discover similarly new elements and create input devices with a sense of identity.